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Data Capture Utility for ADAM Balances & Scales

ADAM DU - Data Capture Utility for ADAM Balances & Scales

ADAM DU (Data Utility) is an application that allows you to quickly and easily capture data from an ADAM Laboratory Balance or Weighing Scale and perform various functions on the collected readings.

ADAM DU can perform various tasks, such as graph the data, perform basic mathematical statistical analysis, export the readings to several common file formats. Also quickly export data to other applications (e.g. MS Excel, MS Word or the Windows Clipboard). ADAM DU also provides basic remote control of the balance/scale*.

ADAM DU can collect data from up to 8 different balances/scales simultaneously, each data collection session can be individually monitored, configured and customised to your requirements.

NEW FEATURE - Adam DU can also now speak the readings received. This is ideal if you want to stay informed of a scale's progress whilst completing other tasks or maybe you might be visually impaired.

Please note: the minimum requirements for ADAM DU have been changed to Windows XP SP2 with .net Framework v3 (see Download section for more details).

For more details see the full feature list and more screen shots.

ADAM DU can quickly provide you with data, that is easy to integrate into any project for only $95. The software license entitles you to use Adam DU on one computer.

*(Note: the various ADAM products have different remote facilities).

small images of a serial lead contains the text ADAM DU data utility
ONLY $95
Activate ADAM DU Now
If you have an activation code from a dealer.
flash movie with the text 14 day evaluation of the ADAM DU capture utility now. Image shows ADAM DU collecting data readings from an ADAM scale